Pre-cast concrete Feedbunks, Troughs, Aprons, Slabs

Pre-cast concrete Feedbunks, Troughs, Aprons, Slabs

  • 6m Maxibunks +3m & 5m Water Troughs

    6m maxibunks, 3300 kgs each Bunk profile – designed with advice from feedlot nutritionists..Sloping walls encourage feed to fall towards cattle while feeding. Raised bunk floor eliminates costly earthworks - aprons can be poured on top of the pad and you will still have a raised feeding floor. 3m & 5m Specialty Feedlot water troughs - under trough hook up, optional stainless steel float cover upgrades + optional protective coating to interior of troughs to assist with cleaning

  • Circular Troughs + Igloo Float Protectors

    ROUNDS TROUGHS AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SIZES: 4' round, 24" high walls 6' round, 24" high walls 7' round, 24" high walls 8' round, 24" high walls 10' round, 24" high walls Igloo float protectors are also available to protect valves, pipework etc.

  • Rectangular Troughs

    Rectangular trough sizes 8' rectangular - 20" high walls 10' rectangular - 24" high walls 12' rectangular trough - 18" high walls 12' trough apron one piece combo - 18" high walls 16' rectangular trough - 16" high walls 20' rectangular trough - 24" high walls Pre-cast Aprons available to suit

  • Weir Construction, Sleepers, Slabs, Pipe Supports

    Feedlot onsite, Sleepers, Slabs, Pipe supports