Onsite Feedlot Construction

Onsite Feedlot Construction

Onsite Feedlot Construction

Products available

6m Precast Maxibunk, 3300 kgs per bunk, 3m post centres, designed utilising feedlot nutritionist advice, excellent for feeding high silage rations, strong post wall

Prefabricated bunk posts, many designs tailored to customer requirements.  Can be hot gal dip if required.

3m and 5m Feedlot specialty Water Troughs, designed to hook up to plumbing under trough to take waste water out of pens

Feedlot Yard building/ Fencing  – tailored to customer specifications and budgets

Onsite Concreting – 3m and 1m aprons, water trough aprons etc

Feedlot Weir Construction

We have nearly 30 years of experience in the feedlot industry and we will endeavour to help you wherever we can.

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5m Feedlot Water Trough & Apron
Maxibunks, onsite aprons