Polycrete Cup & Saucer

Polycrete Cup & Saucer

Polycrete Cup & Saucer

The Polycrete Cup & Saucer is one of the most revolutionary water management products on the market today. We have combined the best aspects of concrete and poly products, and the result is the a product that meets all your needs.

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With a choice of a single or double valve set-up, our Polycrete Cup & Saucer consists of a 12′ round concrete trough combined with a 3500 gallon poly tank.

  • 12′ Round Concrete Trougwith pod section to house plumbing
  • 3500 gallon Poly Tank
  • Pod on trough to house plumbing and allow easy access for maintenance work
  • Drains – opposite to inlet pipework – stops bogging inlet supply piping areas
  • Galvanised steel ladder
  • Water level siter gauges (optional extra)
  • Choice of single or double valve set-up in trough (double valve optional extra)
  • Tank Valve included – single acting (double acting valves available)
  • Only requirement – external plumbing

Quick fill is available for both the single and double valve model. A 2″ outlet directly out of tank and a 2″ ball valve enables either quick filling of spray tanks, or connection to an additional trough outlet.


Extensive tests have been conducted so you can be rest assured these units are providing more than enough water when under pressure from thirsty stock.

  • Single valve flow rate using 2″ LP raindrop valve – 4.1 litres per second
  • Double valve trough setup – 8.25 litres per second
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